Founded in 1990, Cherng Horng Machinery is a Taiwanese manufacturer with extensive experience and supplier of complete plastic equipment and plastic bags, including blown film machines, flexographic printing machines, bag making machines, and recycling machine. Since 1970, our general manager has been working on the manufacture of blown film extruders. Twenty years of gear experience has given him a well-known machine structure and led our R&D team to continually improve our machines and achieve them. Cherng Horng Machinery is a well-known brand in Taiwan, Asia, the Middle East and the Gulf region, Africa, Eastern Europe and other parts of the world.

Superb Technology, Non-stop Innovation

We have a professional and well experienced team for R&D work which leads to lots of patents and make our machines characterized by technological advances, economy and reliability. Non-stop innovations afford Cherng Horng to launch various professionally made machinery such as Blown Film Extrusion Machines (mono layer and three layer) for pallet stretch film and cling film and thermo shrinkable film, fully automatic Stretch Film Rewinding Machines for stretch film and cling film, Slitting Stretch Film Rewinding Machines for stretch film and Coreless Stretch Film Rewinding Machines for stretch film.

Simple Design, Perfect Performance

Based on the two decades of experience and outstanding R&D team, Cherng Horng insists on making machines with simple design and perfect performance. We are marked with CE European safety standard.

products that we are proud of

Stretch Film and Cling Film Blown Machine

It is generally known that stretched films for industrial pallet packaging are produced by T-DIE film making machines, but few people know how the price of the T-DIE machine is too expensive. The price can up to a million dollars.

Since 2000, Cherng Horng has successfully developed stretch film machines and wrap film blowing machines with proprietary technology and special material formulations.

Our stretch-blown film machines range in price from $100,000 to $140,000, which is about 10% of the price of T-DIE machines. So far, we have sold our stretch blown film machine to about 20 countries. They succeeded in getting rich and upgrading the company to be strong.

Note: This stretch blown film machine can only be manufactured by Cherng Horng, and no other manufacturer in Taiwan is able to supply this machine.

Rewinding Machine

In addition, our stretch film rewinding machine is also popular with customers all over the world, fully automatic, winding speed up to 1000M / MIN, without any tension rewind. We have a customer in Malaysia called “Scientex Packaging Film SDN.BHD.” They purchased 60 sets of our stretch film rewinding machines. The company is a stock-listed company that also purchased eight of our rewinding machines and shipped them to its US branch in 2018.

Film Extruding Machines - ABA 2 Screw 3 Layer

We successfully ran this machine. The filler contains 80% CaCO3. Our ABA extruders have a precisely designed DIE structure that delivers high quality films even with the addition of a colored master batch to the outer packing.

Film Extruding Machine - Mini Series

It is a fact that we sold the “Mini Series” extruding machine to our two Kuwaiti customers. Each purchased more than 20 sets, and they run the machine 24 hours a day. Their boss is very satisfied with our MINI extruders due to the high throughput of the machine and the suitability of small space placement.

Prompt After-Sale Service

We have established a good relationship with our customers because we provide timely service to our customers. That's why we always keep getting orders from our old customers. Cherng Horng's machines are well favoured by customers due to easy operation, perfect performance, easy maintenance good and prompt after-sale service.

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