Recycling Machines

For the industrial sector of plastic injection and plastic extrusion manufacturing, one of the keys to determining the quality of the final product is the quality of the plastic pellets.
Buying new materials can achieve excellent product quality, but handling plastic waste generated during operation is also a big problem.

Cherng Horng has extensive experience in the field of plastic machinery and the corresponding formulation.
We understand how to dispose of plastic waste and turn it into useful resources in an efficient manner, improve product quality and address environmental issues created by by-products, and provide optimum productivity at the production site.

To purchase a recycling machine, make sure to use a crusher to make a film or plastic block before recycling. Our plastic pelletizing reproduction machines and CR series plastic crushers are the solution to the problems. We have one stage and two stage plastic particle recycling machine. We have different sizes of recycling machines, and with different output: 100 kg/hour, 200 kg/hour, and 300 kg/hour.