Plastic Pelleting Reproduction Machine

PPR Series

Cherng Horng's recycling machine can handle not only the waste generated during the operation of plastic machines, but also various wasted plastic materials.

The machine saves you resources while helping you become an environmentally friendly company.

No new materials are needed during the recycling process. This is a very environmentally friendly design and helps manufacturers of plastic end products save significant cost and resources. We help users reduce the consumption of plastic resin.

Model PPR Series
Description unit PPR-75 PPR-100
Suitable Material PE-PP
Extruding Output kg/hr 60 - 90 100 - 160
Power Required kw 53 79
Screw Dia mm 75 100
Screw Ratio l/d 30:1
Driving Motor hp 30 50
Temp. Controller zone 4 6
Speed Take-up 2
Forced Feeding Motor hp 3
Hydraulic Screen Changer Motor hp 2
Cooling Water Tank unit 1
Cutting Grain Machine
Driving Motor hp 2 3